Nuestros servicios


In relation to the provisions of Article 25 of the Customs Law, we will provide services for labeling or tagging of merchandise in a controlled area; that is, within customs and provided for the presentation of the goods for import.

In this regard, we have more than 20 years of experience in the labeling of goods from various industries, particularly textiles and footwear.


Customs clearance in import or export is one of the most important phases in relation to the international trade process.

In this sense, having specialized customs services is vital to achieve success in your international business transactions.

One of our main added or differentiated values ​​is the pre-customs advice, which guarantees the results of your international business transactions, avoiding delays, risks and additional costs.


In order to provide comprehensive services, we have our own transport units and strategic alliances with transport companies to deliver and collect their merchandise from foreign trade.


Some of the aspects that are part of our services are the following:

1. Determination of tariff classification.
2. Determination of non-tariff regulations and restrictions.
3. Determination of the customs regime to which the goods will be destined (definitive / temporary import / export, tax deposit, transit, etc.)
4. Use of export promotion or production mechanisms (IMMEX, PROSEC, Eighth Rule, Rule 2-A, etc.)
5. Preparation of permits and authorizations in the different government agencies.
6. Access to our customs operation portal with all documents and details related to each of its operations in real time.

7. Application of treaties and trade agreements

8. Evaluation, development and implementation of comprehensive operation strategies